Falling for the Rebel Falcon by Lucy Gordon

9789351061069Falling for the Rebel Falcon is one of the five books of the Falcon Series by Lucy Gordon. It is the story of Leonid Tsarev and Perdita Davis.

Erica Hanson is the daughter of an academic family, her father is Prof Agnus Hanson. She is a freelance journalist with a talent for discovering scoops and exploiting them to the full and writes under the name of Perdita Davis, so as not to involve her family name. She lives in London.

Leonid Tsarev, one of the five sons of Amos Falcon, is a successful business magnate and lives in Moscow with his mother.

Perdita receives a rumour, about one of the Falcon brothers, Travis, and goes to Paris for a scoop and checks into the same hotel as the Falcons and tries to get closer to them and sprains her ankle in the attempt. Leonid takes care of her and invites her to the wedding as his guest so as to avoid getting engaged to his step-sister. She is happy but realizes in some time that she does not want to do the story at all.

A well written story with realistic characters. The story has love, emotions and drama.

A nice, sweet read. Waiting to lay my hands on other books in the series.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India


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