Dead Underground by Jaideep Bhoosreddy

ImageDead Underground by Jaideep Bhoosreddy is a spy fiction thriller set in 2026. I received an autographed book from the young author himself and I thank him for the same.

On the Jacket:

Set in 2026, this adrenaline pumping spy fiction thriller revolves around a spy by the alias Alec Mercer and the world-renowned researcher in particle physics Dr. Élénoré Bassét as they take on the world, dominated by international corporations, corrupt governments and loyal but ignorant soldiers.

They find themselves placed on top of the international terror watch-lists and hunted by every covert actions and intelligence agencies, hot on their trail, either to kill them or to capture them, they escape from the jaws of death, surviving off-the-grid. They soon realize that the recent turn of events which threw them in a lashing torrent, did not happen simply because of bad luck, but was a result of individual dreadful events in their past, which had entwined their fates into that twirling vortex which made them run the gauntlet for their lives’.

The year is 2026. It is both grim and dark. The world is on the verge of destabilisation. Our world is no more sustainable. The energy crisis. Immediate profits are destroying any future hope. International tensions arise as the balance of power shifts. And the masterminds of these elaborate schemes are so powerful and influential that none can stop them.scan0003

History is repeating itself… question is, will they survive?

The story:

2014: Two scientists, Nobel Prize winners, Dr Giuseppe Beauvais and Dr Gaulle Carlisle are among 283 scientists killed in a massive Gamma explosion at CERN.


Elenore Basset, a senior scientist and researcher at CERN bases her research on her paper on Advanced Theory of Relativity.

Richard Meyers, CEO and Chairman of Bearing Oil and Petro Tech International wants to destroy the research and researchers. He is behind the 2014 explosion and CERN and wants to do the same again.

Aisha Summers, detective with FBI, not recruited but selectively called for the job.

Alec Mercer is the alias of an ex-Navy Seal, a CIA Operative is assigned the job as a security officer at CERN but is actually there to protect Elenore Basset.

When Elenore’s laboratory is destroyed, Mercer helps Elenore escape. They are labeled as the most wanted terrorists and are on the run with both secret service agents and hired goons after them.

Will they make it alive? Will Meyers be successful in his mission? Will Detective Summers be able to catch Meyers? Read the book to find out.

The action scenes have been described well that I could feel I was sitting in a movie hall and all the action was happening in front of me.

Overall an unputdownable book. A good workdone Jaideep.

Book Source: Review copy from the author

Publisher: Ocean Paperbacks


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