Love’s Labor by Andy Paula

loves-laborLove’s Labor by Andy Paula is the simple but complicated story of Piali Roy and Sathya Nair.

The blurb:

Piali Roy has had enough. Between her beloved father, a rigid traditionalist who refuses to accept anyone from outside their caste and community, and the ‘unsuitable’ Sathya, who is madly in love with her and won’t back down in his quest to get her, Piali is ready to jump off a mountain top without a parachute.

So, she’s left home, and the small town of Jampot, and is trying to find peace in a remote hill station. It looks like her past is about to catch up with her, though…

The characters:

Piali Roy lives in small town of Jamshedpur with her conservative parents and a younger brother. Her father is against intercaste marriages. She works in the school as an English teacher.

Sathya Nair, is the Chairman’s son, an animation artist, back in Jamshedpur to take over the reins of the family business.

The story:

Piali and Sathya go to Panchgani for a teacher’s camp with Piali as the team lead and Sathya as the treasurer. And they fall in love, even though Sathya is engaged to Vinitha, the daughter of his family friend and the school’s headmistress.

He wants to marry her and she cannot marry him because of her conservative family, she being a Bengali and he, a Malayali. She is from a middle class family and he, from the rich. His parents think that she is after his money but seeing her, decide otherwise. He wants them to elope and she wants to get married with her parents’ consent.

To prove himself, he moves to Hyderabad and takes up a job. Piali resigns from her job in Jampot and moves to Mussoorie, thus running way from everyone. Only her mother knows about it and Sathya tracks her down.

My take:

A light read. I finished the book in one sitting and enjoyed it. The characters are very realistic and the plot is interesting. What makes it all the more interesting is that the book starts with Sathya tracking her down and the story being in flashback. The book ends suddenly but I was expecting a little more.

Highly recommended.

Book Source: Review copy from Indireads

Piublisher: Indireads

Book Type: Ebook


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