Girl From Fatehpur by Sarita Varma


Girl From Fatehpur by Sarita Varma is the story of Sanjana, a simple girl from Fathepur, now working in Mumbai.

The Blurb:

“I love you Rajan,” she had blurted out, hands clenched tightly at her sides.

“Sana, you are only a kid…you will soon forget all this. Besides, don’t you also love Shahrukh Khan?”

A decade has gone by and Sanjana, now a highflying professional in Mumbai, thought she was over her childhood crush on the enigmatic Rajan. Back in her hometown Fatehpur for a family wedding, she bumps into him; he’s still enigmatic and the sparks are still there. Just when things begin to heat up, though, in walks Krish, a colleague from Mumbai, who seems to be very possessive of Sanjana…

The Story:

Sanjana, Sana, is born and brought up in Fatehpur by her doting family of parents, grandparents and Uncles and aunts. They are a very close knit family and she is very close to her cousins and can share her innermost feelings with them especially Devika. Rajan is their neighbor and a close friend of her cousin. When she is fifteen and he nineteen, she confesses her love to him just before he is leaving for the US for his engineering degree.

Now, ten years later, she has not been to Fatehpur since the tragic death of her parents in a car crash four years ago and is working in Mumbai. Zoya is her colleague and flatmate and she can bare herself to her. Krish Chauhan is the Team Leader and has proposed marriage to her and she is not sure of herself and wants time.

She finds the perfect opportunity for a break with her cousin, Renee, getting married in Fatehpur. On the way to Fatehpur, she meets Rajan and they slowly come back to the familiarity of their teenager years and get involved in the wedding preparations. They make a good team. And suddenly, Krish reaches Fatehpur as the cousin of the groom. Krish is like arubber ball, undeflatable. She is all the more confused.

How does Sanjana fair in the love triangle? Read the book to find out.

My take: 

I loved the way the author has developed the characters and described their feelings. The language and flow are good and the story is very sweet. She has described the joint family culture in India and also the feelings of the characters.

The book leaves a sweet taste in the mouth and a smile on the lips. An unputdownable book.

A must read, definitely.

Book Source: Review copy from Indireads

Publisher: Indireads

Book Type: ebook

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