Scorched by his fire by Reet Singh

1743663_10151903589460840_429926970_n Scorched by his fire is Reet Singh’s debut book for Mills & Boon. It is the story of Mita and Tanay and set in Mauritius, Delhi and Kolkata.

Mita Ramphul, 26, works as a school teacher in Mauritius and lives with her mother Radhika. He Uncle Raja is always on the lookout for a possible match for her and keeps turning up with proposals from ‘nice’ young men. But she is not ready to say yes. Sammy, her mother, her Nana and Nani are her favourite people in the world.

She has known Samrat Kalachand, Sammy, all her life. He is her childhood buddy and the slayer of all her dragons. He works in a bank and is married to Laxmi and Mita is uncomfortable around her best friend’s wife. Laxmi thinks that Mita is having an affair with Sammy.

Tanay Devkumar, Laxmi’s brother is a detective. He runs the detective agency, D & S Detectives. He believes the worst of Mita and it out to protect his sister from her.

He blackmails Mita to go out with him and she agrees using him to tell her uncle to get off her case.

The characters of the book have been very well developed and described. I could actually picturise them. The flow of the book is good and she has described the places like Grand Bassin in Mauritius, and Connaught Place in Delhi and Kolkata very well.

A nice book, overall. Recommended highly. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India

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