Forever and a day by Nikita Rajwade and Rachana Deshpande

forever and a day_Forever and a day coauthored by Nikita Rajwade and Rachana Deshpande, is the story of Sahil and Nihara, set in Bangalore.

Shail Sanghvi, son of Major Virendra Sanghvi, a celebrated man in the Indian Army, but a tyrant at heart. Sahil wants to become a lawyer someday and stand up for weak people. He does not feel or show emotions. He lives with his mother in Bangalore and is a student of University of Legal studies, Bangalore.

Nihara Rao, an inconvenience to her father since the day she was born, because he wanted a son, until she topped her class in the first year of her schooling, is selected to participate in the International Latin Ballroom Dancing Championships much to her father’s disappointment. She is the college president and head of student body at St Xavier’s College, Bangalore and has uplifted the college festival. She is afraid of Public Speaking.

He loves books and she, movies. To Sahil, Nihara is too perfect to be true. They become friends.

The book is cute and I am sure it will be liked by all who like cute romances.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn Publishers

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