The Backbenchers: The Extra class by Sidharth Oberoi

300x300_1b0b2c4131a60352e297d42a6b594a65The Backbenchers: The Extra class by Sidharth Oberoi is the first book of the backbenchers series. It is the story of Class XII students of a Delhi school. I bought this book because I had read the third book in the series and this was available at 50% off.

Ananya’s father has been transferred from Raipur to Delhi. She is in Class XII and has taken admission into The Presidency Convent at Barakhamba Road, a co-ed school for the rich and well-connected kids (now we know which school the author is talking about). In Raipur, she had always studied in a girls’ school. Being shy and introvert, she finds it hard to adjust to the culture of the school, the short skirts, the cars and the attitude of the other students.

In Raipur, she was a popular student but here she needs to get noticed. Here everyone is talking about her so, she gets a makeover: changes her dressing style and her hairstyle. She wants to join the debating club. She meets the club president Yuvraj, who is the college head girl Natasha’s boyfriend. Natasha does want her in the club.

Does she manage to get into the debating club? Does she manage to make friends in the school? This book talks about all this and more. A typical school story which also involves school politics.

A short simple read. Read it when you don’t want to read anything else or when you have left the book you are reading at office and want something less meaningful to fill your time. The funniest part was that the only extra class in the book had no relevance to the story.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Grapevine


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