And then came you by Mathangi S Murti

And then came you by Mathangi S Murti is the story of Priya and Dev Krishnan. She is based at Madras (she likes to call Chennai, Madras) and he, Delhi. She is a wedding planner and he a builder. The share common interests in football and Formula One racing and similar tastes in music and a passion for travelling.

Priya, 25, after completing her Masters in Visual Arts, set up a small business with two of her close friends, Aarti and Reshma. They take care of the marketing part and she manages the creative side of the business. They started off as a small screen printing unit and are now one of the youngest, most-sought after wedding planners of Chennai.

Dev Krishnan, 34, takes care of his family business in Delhi.

She collides with Dev at her friend’s wedding, for which she had done the décor, he spills wine on her and she calls him ‘Mountain Man’. And then he disappears. She meets him again when she goes to Delhi for a meeting with her clients. And then back in Chennai, she is asked by a lady to organize her daughter’s wedding with none other than Dev Krishnan and the misunderstanding begins.


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