Done with Men by Shuchi Kalra

done-with-menI had received a message from Shuchi on goodreads asking me if I would like to review her book and I said yes and forgot all about it. Then, Shuchi asked for my email ID because she wanted to send me the ebook to review. Though, I am not much into ebooks but the blurb of the book that Shuchi had sent, made me say, why not. Thank you very much, Shuchi for the beautiful book which I finished in less than two hours. Done with Men by Shuchi Kalra is the story of Kairavi Krishna, Kay, a travel writer with New Age Traveller.

 The blurb (which the author sent me):

Travel journo, Kairavi Krishna (Kay) has had it with men. After a series of disasters (losers, philanderers, leeches, mama’s boys and possessive psychos), she is all too tempted to walk out on the prospect of ever finding love. Accompanied by her best friend and flat-mate Baani, she sets off for Goa, hoping to get away from her miserable love life and vowing to stay clear of the male species.

Goa however, has a host of surprises in store for her. Ricky, her pesky ex-boyfriend, is busy painting the town red with his hot new girlfriend. Now what is poor Kay to do, other than overdose on vodka, smoke pot, get an outrageous tattoo and fall off the hotel balcony? She wakes up in the hospital to the tender ministrations of Dr.Vivian D’Mello–young, suave and handsome as hell. Will Kay stick to her guns or will she fall for his ridiculously sexy charms? And what’s up with the mixed signals he’s giving out?

The characters:

Kairavi Krishna, Kay, 25, lives in Mumbai with her BFF and flat mate, Baani. Her father works for the UN and is on the move constantly and her mother had stayed with her in Mumbai till she had completed college and is now with her father. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has had bad experience with men and all her previous love affairs have ended drastically and she hates men. She says that she will never fall in love again.

The Thought Bubble, her inner conscience. It keeps popping up at the funniest of times. There were times when it did the job of decluttering her head and letting the sunlight shine through.

Baani, her BFF also works at the same magazine as Kay. She is a sensible girl, though a film freak. She is Baanis best friend, her partner in crime, her anchor in turbulent times. Kay can trust Baani with her life. She believes in steady relationships. Kay and Baani have known each other for seven years.

Kapil is Baani’s boyfriend turned fiancé. He has a fancy HR job at the Luxe de Goa. They have been going around for ten years and are getting married in six months.

Dr Vivian D’Mello, 32, joined the Candolim Orthopaedic Hospital after having completed his residency from John Hopkins Hospital.

The story:

After Kay’s break-up with Ricky, Baani convinces her to take a holiday to Goa. She has spoken to their boss and as he was looking for someone to cover the Sunburn Fest and the wine culture of Goa so, Baani put in Kay’s name. She sees Ricky there and gets drunk; gets a permanent tattoo that says ‘Done with men’; falls off the balcony of her hotel room and breaks her clavicle and dislocates her shoulder. Baani and Kapil take her to ‘Candolim Orthopaedic Hospital’ for treatment.  There Dr Vivian is her treating doctor; she does not like him because he addresses her as ‘the case’ and ‘the patient’. She finds him dry and cold and arrogant and smile-impaired. She calls him Dr Crabby. With her heart always on her sleeve, she starts falling for him, but will this be the affair for her?

Keep reading…….

My take:

The first line of the book, “I have made mistakes—mighty big ones at that, the kind that makes you go into face palm mode and want to die every time you are reminded of them,” hooked me to the book to see the kind of mistakes Kay has made or will make.

The characters are well developed, very real and easy to relate to. The language is simple and the flow is smooth. The story being in first person makes it all the more real. The dialogues and Kay’s reaction are funny. It is a fun filled and a quick read.  My favourite was the Thought Bubble. I loved the book and know you will too.

The book releases on February 14, and can be bought online and read the very same day. Happy Reading!!!

Highly recommended.

 Publisher: Indireads

Type: eBook

Book Source: Author

Here is a video link of the trailer which I just received from Shuchi:

The book is available on Amazon.


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