Two winters and 365 days by Anuradha Prasad

ImageThe book Two Winters and 365 days by Dr Anuradha Prasad is the stscan0001ory of Ananya Bhatt. I received an autographed copy from the author herself. Thank you, Dr Anuradha, for the book. As is mentioned in the blurb, the story has all the ingredients in the right proportion: drama, suspense, romance, emotions and adventure.

The blurb:

When Ananya’s life fell apart…… and crumpled at a young age she was helpless………

With the sole intention of supporting her family… she takes up editing an equally crumbling lifestyle magazine AFTER-TEA… not knowing what lay ahead… thus… Ananya’s journey into the mad mad world of the media begins. Though her journey as a professional is replete with adventure, thrill and risks she starts enjoying it …as fate could not steal away her innate talent and an eye for perfection…

But as they say… in the beautiful Bollywood city of Mumbai anything is possible!

….A die hard professional and a ‘construction magnate’ Vicky Arora falls hopelessly in love with simple Ananya…

Though Vicky feels most happy and himself with her…. does she feel the same? Was she ready to look at love again in the eye? Or was life playing a double game with her? Will she fall this time never to get up?

TWO WINTERS AND 365 DAYS is a thrilling story of a journey replete with adventure, hope, romance, and of self discovery…

The characters:

Ananya Bhatt, moves back from the US with her three month old baby daughter, Alia, after the sudden death of her husband, Rahul in an accident. A graduate in English Literature and a star editor of their college magazine, she had received the Best Editor’s inter-collegiate award. Her mother is a retired school teacher and has moved to London permanently to stay with her brother.

Mrs Mishra and Mrs Verma, her neighbours in Mumbai, are generally very sweet and offer help whenever she asks them.

Amanda Miller, Ananya’s best friend from college is a very senior journalist from an outstanding national newspaper and has been recently promoted to an editorial position. She is in a live-in relationship with Siddharth, a banker and they have adopted two kids from a Mumbai orphanage.

Vicky Arora, 28, of Arora & Arora Ltd, an investment banker before he took over the construction business from his father also looks after the magazine of the group. He loves money and believes that it solves most of the problems in the world. He is very rich and also donates to noble causes.

The story:

Three months after shifting to their two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai, Ananya asks Amanda to help her in finding a job and Amanda sends her CV for the post of the senior editor with AFTER TEA, the lifestyle magazine of Arora & Arora Ltd and she gets the job. The magazine is has a meagre clientele and Ananya decides to relaunch it. She has in her team: the sub-editor, Richa; the technical support, Nilesh and the advertising guy, Manish. She knows that this is the ‘beginning of a beginning’ and believes in working from inside out and slogs to make the magazine a success. Her neighbours along with the members of her team from office are a part of her extended family.

My take:

The cover of the book is very beautiful and one look at it, I felt that I need to pick it up and read it. The story is nice and beautifully written. The language is simple and easy to follow. The characters are very well developed and I could actually relate to them. Though there are many characters in the book, it was not confusing.

The book has been written in third person and divided into four parts: Winter; spring; summer and winter. Certain aspects of the book have been extensively researched. The author has mentioned the thoughts in single inverted commas and the dialogues in double inverted commas.

The black and white sketches at the end of a few chapters are nice and very relevant to the chapter. The book is funny at times and sad at times.

The book touches you deeply and the end took my breath away.

I would highly recommend this book everyone who is a romantic at heart.

WARNING: Keep a tissue box handy before you start the book!!! I promise you, You Will Need it.

Book Source: Author

Publisher: Partridge


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