Together 24×7 by Sunita Suresh

ImageTogether 24×7 by Sunita Suresh is the story of Jay and Ria set in Chennai.

Ria Rau, 24, works as a copywriter in SSS Advertisement Agency. She is new in the team there.

Madhav is Ria’s crush since she was 12 and the community’s blue eyed boy. He was the best outgoing student of his school, star athlete, NCC Cadet and the prestigious state rank holder and alumni of the elitist college.  Madhav is pursuing his research project in South America and is engaged to Ria. Jay calls him the ‘Invisible Man’.

Jay is her self-appointed best buddy and values their friendship a lot. He is a year senior at the agency and routinely ate up her lunch. He is developing a new language, ‘Misuri’, a novel way of communication, a global language. Ria wants him to be serious about his work and not fool around.

Sharada, Ria’s friend, has a blog, Masala Mix, where she writes about her friends’ miseries and the best part is that none of her friends know each other.

And then suddenly, one day Jay quits and is not coming back. And six months later, Ria and her three friends open a new endeavour, Idea Box.

I enjoyed reading the book and the mystery in it.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn Publishers


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