Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts by Amrita Anand Nayak.

polka-dots-pony-tails-and-purple-pouts-700x700-imadk282hhuqethqPolka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts is the first book by Amrita Anand Nayak. It is the story of Leena, Tia and Jasmine, who are froomies, friends and roommates. They are from different backgrounds, work in the IT sector in different companies in Pune and share a three bedroom apartment. All the three of them have their separate set of friends with whom they hang out and they like it that way. They spend the tea-time on weekends together while chatting for hours. They are best friends for life. Each of them has a past and it actually goes a long way to explain their actions.

Leena Sharma, pays a daily visit to her father in the old age home. Having been through a tremulous past, she is mature for her age and always falls for mature men older than her. She always wears her hair in a ponytail. She is devoted to her father and is liked by the other elders at the old age home. She falls in love with her very much married new manager and her friends do not approve of the same and support her when she breaks off with him and resigns. She joins a new job and makes friends with Ravi, with whom she can share her thoughts without being emotionally attached, lest she spoils her friendship.

Tia Saxena, is an introvert, loves cooking, has a great sense of fashion, likes most to read and write. She loves blogging, is genuine, honest, affectionate, innocent, polite, kind and talented. Always ahead in fashion, her sixth sense is her fashion sense and she can predict fashion trends. She loves polka dotted dress. Born into a conservative Kayastha family, her parents want her to marry into the same caste, she is more comfortable with girls as friends than boys. She meets Samarth Tokas, Sam, from a conservative Jat family, a software engineer from IIT, ambitious but not a workaholic. They become friends and she is shocked to know that Sam likes her and is relieved to hear from Sam that he has no romantic interest in her. Then they become a couple and thus starts the family drama with parents from both sides opposing.

Jasmine, the daughter of a Bengali Hindu mother and a church priest from Trivandrum, is a serial dater and makes innovative excuses to breakup. No one hates her not even her exes.  She loves the shade purple. She wants to avoid love at all cost. Leena and Tia call her ‘Angel’ Jasmine. She makes friends with a gay bartender, Chris and they hit off very well. Suddenly, she becomes homesick and wants to meet her parents and her godmother. There she meets her ex-boyfriend Jerry Matthews who had ditched her and wants to marry her now.

Three mills and boons rolled into one with stories intertwined. A definite chick-lit, fast paced with well-developed characters, which seem pretty real. The author has described in detail the experiences, the thoughts, the heartbreaks and the emotions of all the three characters very well. She has also mentioned the Khap Panchayat, office romance as well as pregnancy out of wedlock. The relationship and the understanding between the three of them are magical. The names of the chapters give a sneak peek on what the chapter holds. As the story unfolded, I got more and more involved in the lives of the three girls. The story at times is very funny that I was laughing till my sides ached and sometimes very sad.

A nice read definitely.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: General Press


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