Playing at love by Lakshmi Palecanda

playing at lovePlaying at love by Lakshmi Palecanda is the story of Vinna Mathur and Ranjan Pandey.

Vinna Mathur, works for Vishwa Creations and calls it Writery. She writes scripts for sitcoms and also does megaserial writing. Her father is a doctor with the WHO and her parents live in Nigeria and she has two younger sisters, one lives with her and the other lives in Bangalore.  She has grown up with her male cousins and does not have a boyfriend. Manish Gupta is her aunt’s son and Srija, his wife is her best friend.

In order to write for a soap opera on a bar girl for Devi Creations, she needs to research on the character and gets an opportunity to pay off one such dancer and dance instead. This dance is at the thirtieth birthday party of Ranjan Pandey, CEO of Jeevan Mitra Financials, hosted by his cousin. She calls herself Champa and Ranjan mistakes her to be a call girl and a bar dancer and pays her some money.

She goes to his office to call of his bluff and he introduces her to his family as his fiancée.

An enjoyable and light read.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn Publishers


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