Dreamcatcher by Supriya Parulekar

ImageDreamcatcher by Supriya Parulekar is the story of Aditya and Ayaana who meet for the first time at Royal Plaza when they were hiding under a table during a drunken brawl. She says that the meeting was under unavoidable circumstances and he considers it to be a perfect romantic setting arranged by God between two strangers. They meet again at The Marriot at the success party of a new movie.

Aditya Kapoor, from Chandigarh, is the demigod of Tinsel town. His fourth and most recent movie has broken all records at the box-office. He has no Godfather and has only his looks and talent to rely on. He loves a challenge. Shantanu Sachdeva is his friend from Chandigarh and is also his secretary.

Ayaana Verma, the daughter of an army officer, works at Pride Events, an upmarket Management Company. She is a workaholic and rarely parties. She shares a flat with a girl, Amita, who works for a movie magazine. On a free day, she loves going to book shops and window shopping. Her purpose to come to Mumbai is to find her sister, Toyoja, two years older to her, had eloped with Vikram Singhania and then had suddenly disappeared. Her friend from work, Shelley, is the only person who knows about it.

Shantanu’s objective is to bring them both together. Shelley tells her friend to capitalize on Aditya’s friendship and enter the world of Bollywood for her sister.

Then, there is Palki, daughter of Krishna Raj Kumar, a Bollywood legend and producer. She is a very talented actor and the dream of every new comer is to work with her because they consider her to be a lucky charm.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn Publishers


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