Can’t die for size zero by Vrushali Telang

ImageCan’t die for size zero is Vrushali Telang’s debut book. Now what made me pick up the book? I was browsing through the debut books for various Indian authors for the Talespensieve Debut Indian Writers Challenge in November 2013 and I came across this book. Thinking it was a self help book on weight loss and believe me sometimes these books are fun too, I ordered the book and it was anything but.

It is the story of Joyeeta Naik, a 29 year old, fat girl, who likes to be called ‘big’. She works for a newspaper supplement ‘Buzz of the Bizz’. She always listens and never reacts and shares a wonderful relationship with food. She has logical explanations for eating what she eats like beer has niacin and cheese has calcium. In an attempt to lose weight, she makes a resolution to go on a diet and changes her dieticians the same was as her mother had changed her maths tuition teachers thinking that the next would be better than the previous. Lara is her best friend and wants Joyeeta to be her makeover story from fat to thin.

She meets Seema Shah from Nairobi, who likes what Joyeeta is wearing and copies her clothes and sells them Suddenly Joyeeta is paid off and laid off. Joyeeta and Seema decide to make clothes for big women and call themselves ‘Big Sisters United’ and have an exhibition which is a huge hit.

Pradyut Goel, 35, is a first generation entrepreneur, a successful exporter with clients in Milan, Paris and New York. He likes their stuff and asks them to make a sample with same sizes.

The book was a light read and the names of exotic dishes were quite a mouthful to read.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Rupa Publications


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