A happy new year

What an eventful year 2013 was.

I started writing or rather blogging, all thanks to Shweta@litgrandrounds. She is my student, friend and now mentor. She is the one who motivated me to start writing on this blog and she is the one who helped me create it. it is through this blog that I got some recognition and also started reeving books for publishing houses and also had the opportunity to attend various book launches.

While blogging, I came across Reshmy Pillai and the Talespensive, and in the month of September that I signed up for the Indian Quills Reviewers Challenge (IQRC 2013). Today I received a mail from them declaring me the Indian Quills Reading Champion: October 2013.professional

Then came the month of November 2013, I was motivated enough to sign up for the Debut Indian Writers Marathon, DIWM, Readathon 3. And to my surprise, another email from the Talespensieve adjudging me Winner of ‘The New Talent Envoy Prize! – To the reviewer/ reader with highest number of book reviews of books from a single publisher’ in DIWM – Readathon 3. I received my book The professional by Ashok Ferrey.

Wow! What a year.

Wishing everyone a very happy, prosperous and literary new year 2014.

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