Paperback dreams by Rohit Saini

I received Paperback Dreams by Rahul Saini from FLIPKART to review on saturday morning but could only start it on sunday. At the outset, I would like to thank Vivek for the book. This book is about writers- old and new and publishers. It talks about the cut-throat world and how people cheat others for their own selfishness.

The Blurb:

ImageHow low will you stoop to fulfil your dreams?

Jeet Obiroi, a college Casanova, has published a book by unfair means. All he wants is to earn loads of money and have hot girls chase after him!

Rohit Sehdev, a one-book-old popular-fiction writer, is furious when he finds out that his publisher has cheated him out of his royalties.

Karun Mukharjee is a highly ambitious schoolboy who wants to win the heart of his lady love by writing a novel. And he doesn’t mind playing dirty to get to the top!

Ruthlessly exploiting these ambitious young men is their unscrupulous publisher.

Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, Paperback Dreams is the story of a new breed of young writers who will do anything to get famous, fast.

The Characters:

Jeet Obiroi is superstitious and believes in numerology. He knows good looks help and isa fitness freak. His book was shunned by the media as one of the many bad books and only after he spent Rs 6 Lakh on PR and promotions that the started talking about his book in good light. His secret gives him nightmares and he is afraid as to how long will he be able to protect it.

Rohit Sehdev, 27, a national bestselling author, believes in the simple mantra of ‘Work is Worship’ and is not a threatening kind of a person and feels that his publisher is cheating him, so he decides to do a market survey himself to check on the sales figures of his books. His publisher does not reply to his phone calls and emails, making him all the more suspicious. Nisha, his girlfriend is an artist and her life is driven by drama. She is smart and usually gives good, rational and unbiased advice. She believes that creative ideas are like energy waves that keep floating around and at times pass through us and that is the only time we conceive an idea.

Karun Mukharjee is sixteen years old and studies in the tenth standard. He likes Lovanya and wants to impress her by becoming the biggest author India has ever seen. He has started writing his first book and wants to be popular at any cost. He even uploads the first chapter of his first book on his blog and becomes popular.

The Story:

Rohit is currently writing his third book and waiting for some news from his publisher about the release of his second book. He was working as a freelance professional graphic artist for three years which he quit four months ago thinking that that the royalties from his books would be enough to support him. He gets a job as an Assistant Professor and becomes the favourite teacher of all the students. He is surprised to know that his second book is already out in the market and decides to confront his publisher about it and also about the royalties. Rohit suddenly starts receiving negative mails and reviews about his book and is very upset about it.

It has been nineteen months since Jeet’s debut novel was published and he is on a publicity tour all over India. He meets Neeti on this tour and they end up writing a book together.

Meanwhile, Karun sends a fanmail to Rohit and meets Jeet during Jeet’s book event in Delhi. He tells them both that he is an aspiring author and would need their guidance. He goes to the same publisher as Rohit and Jeet and gives him the manuscript. He wants to be highest selling author in the publishing house. He tries to get familiar with both of them and starts calling them bhaiya. He has a devious plan up his sleeve and both Jeet and Rohit fall for the trap.

Would Karun succeed?

Would Rohit get his dues?

Would Jeet’s secret be revelaed?

The review:

The book is a light read mostly written in first person. The characters have been well developed and the plot is fast paced and gripping. The titles of the chapters written as a quote from the character from whose point of view the chapter is written- A novel idea.

My favorite character is Rohit because he is honest and does not stoop low to get his book sold.

Would recommend this book.

Order one from Flipkart today.

Book Source: Review copy provided by Flipkart through Affiliate Blogger program

Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads
Pages: 250


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