Endless Time by Sandhya Sridhar

ImageEndless Time by Sandhya Sridhar is her first book for Red Romance. It is the story of Charu who lives with her grandmother in Chennai.

Charulata Subramaniam, the only child of a Tamilian father and a Malayalam mother is orphaned at five and has been living with her maternal grandmother in Chennai. She goes to all woman’s college where she is doing her masters in biology. She is self-contained and rarely goe out, if at all, only to the bookshop, library or to buy grocery. Sitting on the doorstep and sipping her tea is the typical morning she enjoys. Srija is her best friend. They share a common love for books, wildlife and nature.

Life is simple till her grandmother’s sister’s grandson, Sumeet comes. He has made a name for himself in the IT industry. His father is a businessman based in Delhi. He is her co-heir to their grandmothers properties.

Nina comes from Delhi, ruins Charu and Sumeet’s relationship and Charu runs away without leaving a forwarding address.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn


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