The Steradian Trial (Book #0 of the Infinity Cycle)

I was surprised when I received The Steradian Trial (Book #0 of the Infinity Cycle) from FLIPKART to review. Thank you, Vivek for the book. This book by M.N.Krish is a thriller, a mystery and a mixture of science and religion, mythology and technology, history and human greed (as the blurb says).

The Blurb:


                                   AN AGELESS TRADITION


They don’t come better than Divya. ‘Uber-smart’ does not even begin to describe it. And even a single-digit All-India rank in everything is nothing more than a left-handed demonstration of the kind of stuff she is made of. But the limits of her prowess are suddenly tested when her professor, Lakshman, springs a bizarre new assignment on her – helping out Joshua Ezekiel.

A world-renowned computer scientist at MIT, Joshua is now in India and in deep, deep trouble. A criminal genius who happens to be his former student is brutally murdered, leaving Joshua trapped in the mess and mayhem that follow.

With Lakshman and Divya firmly on his side, Joshua begins digging up his crooked protégé’s sinister trail of secrets—secrets which spiral out of an ancient Indian city and unleash shockwaves much, much, beyond….

A mind-blowing cocktail of science and religion, mythology and technology, history and human greed, The Steradian Trail fires the starting shot of an explosive new series in style.


The characters:

Professor Lakshmana Raman, Head of the Department of Computer Science, at a Central Government Technology Institute in Madras. Urmila, his wife is a religious lady.

 Joshua Ezekiel, born in Cochin, Alfred P Sloan Chair Professor of computer science at MIT is an optimist, knows when to kiss, when to bow and when to shake hands. He also knows what it takes to elevate an academic presentation into a performance in any corner of the world. He went to work for RAND Corporation right after PhD. He is a world renowned authority on algorithm.

Joshua and Lakshman have been friends for over twenty-five years when they were both graduate students at Georgia Tech.

Divya, Lakshman’s most favourite student, has won a gold medal at Math Olympiad, has been asked by Joshua to coauthor a paper. Her mother is a TV Serial addict and wants her to learn cooking which she manages to postpone everytime. She is engaged to Venu Sampath aka Venus, a Civil Engineering student.

The story:

The book starts with Chapter ‘0’. A person, Jeffrey is shot outside the gym early in the morning and the robbers take his wallet and cellphone, however manages to make it to the phone post in the parking lot, slur a few incoherent words into the callbox and utter the magic number to nail his killer, his real killer.

After attending a conference in Madras, Joshua is on the way back to Boston via London and he is stopped by the Indian Police at the airport as he is alighting from the taxi and is then asked by consul general, US to postpone his trip back to the US and return to the hotel. This is for his own safety because, Jeffery Williams has been killed and has mentioned Joshua’s name into the callbox. Joshua sees a misspelt Williams J written on a placard, in the boot of the car he was travelling in and has a hunch about Jeffery being killed in a random incident after his visit to India, to be related to the visit.

Meanwhile, Professor Lakshman is called by his boss, the Director, to organize a ceremony to award an honorary doctorate to an Indian industrialist, Mr Chiman Pomonia. This is followed by a call from Joshua who says that he needs Lakshman’s help and they agree to meet the next day.

Joshua tells Lakshman that Jeffery has been shot at and killed leaving Lakshman dumbstruck. Together, they start to unravel the mystery. They travel around the state and look for leads and all their leads come to a dead end. Joshua’s laptop goes missing as do some documents from Lakshman’s office.

Will they get to Jeffery’s killer? What is the connection of Jeffery’s killer to Joshua? What is the mystery of the magic number? Read on as the mystery unravels…

The review:

The story is very gripping. The mystery unravels in such a way that you just cannot keep the book down. I was even reading it while walking from the metro to the lift. The characters are very lifelike and I could actually picturise them.

In this holiday season, I would sincerely recommend this book to those who love mystery and even to those who don’t like it much, Because, believe me, it is an interesting read and a nice book to curl up with. Given a chance I would visit all the places mentioned in the book.

I am eagerly waiting for Book #1 of Infinity Cycle.

Book Source: Review copy provided by Flipkart through Affiliate Blogger Program

Publisher: Westland

Pages: 353

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