Tick Tock We’re 30 by Milan Vohra

tick-tock-we-re-30-400x400-imadgz3azn7vhzavTick Tock we’re 30 is Milan Vohra’s second book. A story of twelve friends, growing up together in Sarva Niketan, a locality of Delhi – they call themselves the S.N.Gang. They   had planned ten years ago to meet at Sarva Niketan on Lara Bagai’s thirtieth birthday. Now, Lara, the youngest in the gang, turns thirty and they are going to do it. The reunion is called OTWT- Oh Teri, We’re Thirty’. The twelve friends are: Lara Bagai, Nishad Nath, Nanhi, Sita (Sitaram), Sai, fat Ria, Thin Ria, Reeti, Maneka, Daniel, Pathak and Pap

Lara Bagai, was everyone’s number one confidante. Now, she is a model coordinator and volunteers to do counselling every other Saturday at an NGO. Nishad Nath, always punctual, chivalrous and non-communicative, is now an artist based in Bangalore. Nanhi Nagpal is a big hearted, 5’11’ tall girl, works with British Airways. Sita (Sitaram) is mad about mushy songs. He is too much of a buddy to be a boyfriend. Stays in Delhi. Sai (Sairam) is someone, you can love, you can hate, but you can’t stay immune to him. He is currently based in New York. Fat Riya lives in Canada. Thin Riya lives in Kullu. Reeti, flits between Hawaii and Kochi, is into feng shui, Kalaripayattu training. Maneka, front bencher, coming first in everything, currently in Mumbai with her daughter after separating from her husband. Daniel Brown, Maneka’s husband, lives in HongKong. Tarang Pathak, wanted to be an IAS and is currently working for an NGO in Uttaranchal.Przbyslaw Pieskowich is Polish and called Pap because his father worked for the Press Agency of Poland, PAP. He is an intrepid film buff and Sita’s friend in all pranks.

They rent out a house in Sarva Niketan for a week and all of them remember, recall and relive their olden days. They eat and drink and eat and drink. They visit all the places they had visited ten years ago, like the Jumbo Point, Chandni Chowk, Pandara Road, Karnataka Bhawan, Kake da Dhaba, Ghungroo and even play holi in the month of December.

To make matters worse, Nishad had made a pact with Lara: to marry, if either of them hadn’t settled with anyone by thirty. So to prevent this from happening, Lara invents an investment banker boyfriend, who lives in Singapore, and has to ask one of her models, Perzaan Sokkolu to play the part.

The review:

The book has been well written, in first person and the language and the flow are good. The book is very funny at times, so funny that I would burst out laughing irrespective of the time and place. The more I read the book, the more fun I had. The author has beautifully ended quite a few sentences with lines of songs; this makes the book all the more interesting. She has referred to movies, characters and songs of the 80s and 90s making it an enjoyable read.

I wrote the names of all the twelve friends on the first page of the book, so that I did not forget the names. Sometimes I felt that I am with the gang and everything is happening right in front of my eyes. I loved Favio’s pronunciation using f’s instead of s.

I remember making such a pact with my friends of meeting ten years after our our class twelfth exams but we could not honour it, but the SV Gang did.

I felt that the book could have been about a hundred pages shorter.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Westland


One thought on “Tick Tock We’re 30 by Milan Vohra

  1. I usually don’t bother with the “generation books”. The whole idea of Bridget Jones or Sex and the City is just ticking me off. This sounds like more fun. I won’t lie that the Polish guy thrown in the gang is making me curious too. (I’ Polish). Thanks for the review.

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