Heartbeats by Sandhya Sridhar

Heartbeats by Sandhya Sridhar

Heartbeats is Sandhya Sridhar’s third book for Pageturn Publishers. It is the story of Suhasini and Rajan. The book is divided into three parts – each part based at a different place- Hyderabad, San Jose and a village near Hyderabad.

Suhasini Reddy, 28, the manager for events and admin solutions for SmartSoft IT, is based at Hyderabad. She is a born organizer, efficient and quick. She had no friends in school and kept to herself and now also she spends her free time with her mother Radhika, school teacher. She gets a promotion and a substantial increase in salary and moves base to Singapore and her mother winds up everything and moves to her native village near Hyderabad to manage an educational trust.

Rajan, 36, is the project lead in the software department. He is tall and bespectacled and has led a flexible life; rigidity and flexibility bores him. Born to Gujarati doctor parents, he is brought up in Mumbai till he is fifteen and then his parents moved to San Jose. After being married to Jaishree for five years, he is now divorced. He wears nondescript stuff and takes a bus to office, has no attachment to what he earns. He loves music, theatre and arts and was a part of a local band that played at pub at weekends. He is serious and self-contained. No one knows his true identity. Who is the real Rajan?

I liked the book, especially, the way the author has divided it into three parts and kept the story connected and moving.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Pageturn Publishers

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