Mishti by Yamini Prashanth

Mishti by Yamini Prashanth

Mishti is the first book written by eleven year old Yamini Prashanth. The book is a breath of fresh air in this stressful life.

Mishti is a little girl who loves being a tomboy and hates it when somebody calls her a dainty, little girl. She loves to play with boys and is better at cricket than them. She talks about her school, her neighbourhood and her friends. Her description of a car coming into their neighbourhood is very nice. My favourite was her description of the cricket match.

The cover is beautiful, happy and I wanted to pick the book up and read it as soon as I saw the cover. I loved the story and could not keep the book down till I finished it. As a rule, I do not read in a moving car, but I did. The illustrations by Yamini herself are so beautiful.

An excellent job done, Yamini.

Book source: Bought
Publisher: Unicorn Books


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