You can’t fight a royal attraction by Ruchi Vasudeva

You can’t fight a royal attraction is the second book by Indian Mills and Boon Author Ruchi Vasudeva. It can be rightly called a sequel to her first book, ‘Bollywood Fiance for a Day’, which was published by the same publisher. The book starts four years after Vishakha and Zaheer’s marriage (the main characters of the first book).

Saira Sehgal, Vishakha’s sister who had married Vishakha’s fiancé, is now 24 and divorced, after three years of playing the dutiful daughter-in-law and accommodating wife. Her parents don’t want her to stay with them and she is staying with Vishakha in Mumbai and helping with their three year old son, Aragham.

Rihaan Khehra, Zaheer’s friend, is a scriptwriter and has great respect for Zaheer and Vishakha (he calls her bhabhisa) and cares about them. He is a moody writer and an absent minded plotter. The only thing he can cook is jaggery rice. He does not talk about his childhood and his family: it is his closely guarded secret.

He suggests that Saira goes with him to his house for a weekend so that she does not trouble Vishakha and then takes her along when he goes to meet his parents.

The characters have been very well portrayed and relatable. Rihaan’s secret made me want to finish the book in one sitting. I loved the concept of a sequel to a Mills and Boon. Usually, after a story ends, we o not know what happened to the couple, but, this isn’t the case here. It was an enjoyable read and is highly recommended, becomes more interesting if you have read her first book. A good job done, Ruchi.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Harlequin India

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