A new dawn by Meera Srikant

A new dawn by Meera Srikant

A New Dawn by Meera Srikant is the story of Anuradha Thakur, set in New Delhi.

Anuradha works is a part of the editorial team of ‘Industry Matters’ magazine, a print magazine for thirty years run by Mr Arya, who sold a stake to a venture fund to expand it inot an online business. She had joined the magazine as a reporter four years ago. She lives with her hypochondriac mother who is dependent on her for everything and clings to her.

Mr Arya sacks her boss, Ganesh, whom she adores and many other people in the magazine and takes over, who is rude, treating her as his typist and secretary.

Also there is Chintan Arya, who has no interest in his father’s business but is elping his father.

The book was nice, a light read, though I thought that the end could have been less complicated.

I don’t know, how Anuradha became Anushka, a printing mistake or if Chintan changed her name?

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Pageturn


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