Draupadi in High heels by Adidi Kotwal

Drapadi in High heels by Adidi Kotwal

Draupadi in High Heels by Aditi Kotwal is Mahabharata with a modern twist. You can find all the relevant characters with twisted names which does not take long to correlate.

The Blurb:
When love comes with a mythic twist!

Born into a well-known business family, Deeya is a high-flying, spoilt, rich girl who owns an elite fashion store. Her parents want her to get married and hold a swayamvar of sorts for her to select a husband. And she has a dilemma to go with the extremely attractive, intriguing Karan or the dashing and outgoing Arjun!

She is determined to make the best decision when she finds that her life resembles that of Draupadi from the Mahabharata, in more ways than one.

Will she be able to find her own path in life? Or will she flounder? Funny and romantic, Draupadi in High Heels explores the power of one s choice and how deeply its affects life!

The Story:
Deeya, 24, the daughter of the Panchals, one of the richest industrialists, owns a designer wear store in Mumbai. Her twin brother Deepak lives in London. Born after ten years of her parents’ marriage, after blessings from Baba Dinanathji, she is the apple of their eyes. Her parents want her to get married and organize a lavish party for her to meet the eligible bachelors. Her best friend is Mitali Paranjpe, whom she met in the Finishing school. Krish Gopinathan, her closest friend, is doing his PhD and his thesis is titled, Karma, Dharma and Moksha.

Karan Ravi, owns SunChip Tech, and has grown up with the children of Dhritiman Kapur of the Royal Group, Dhiren, Dhiraj and Dhara and is indebted to them. Their cousins, the sons of Late Pandav and Kirti Kapur, Dharam, Arjun and Vyom,dislike them.

My view:
The characters are well developed and too close to the original Mahabharata. The language is simple and easy to understand and the book is a fast paced. Overall, a nice enjoyable book.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Penguin Metroreads

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