The one she was warned about by Shoma Narayanan

The one she was warned about by Shoma Narayanan

The fourth book by Shoma Narayanan, The one she was warned about, is the story of Shweta Mathur and Nikhil Nair, classmates right from Kindergarten till they were fourteen, who meet after fifteen years. Then, she had been the stereotypical hard working student and he, the stereotypical bad boy.

The Blurb:
There’s no such thing as a reformed rebel!

Shweta thought she would have the whole marriage-and-kids thing sorted by now. But she couldn’t be more wrong – her love-life’s a wasteland! So when she bumps into Nikhil, the bad boy from her past who still sets her pulse racing, she can’t resist flirting with danger…

Nikhil might have gone from zero to hero since they last met – although it’s hard to believe from all the gossip about him! – but soon Shweta’s hooked on the excitement he injects into her life…and on his spine-tingling kisses! Perhaps the rumours are true – Nikhil really is as dangerous as his reputation…

The review:
Shweta, now 29, works as an accountant, in an accounting firm in Mumbai, after doing her Chartered Accountancy course. An only child, she was brought up by her strict doctor father and an unmarried aunt after her mother’s death. A romantic at heart, she is deeply uncomfortable with romantic gestures. She shares her flat with Priya, her colleague and best friend. She has a fetish for matching her accessories and even matches her shoes to her jewellery and even pyjamas.

Nikhil owns Leela Events, the event management company which has organized the convention for Shweta’s firm. His company is big and organizes everything from Bollywood launches to corporate bashes. He is closer to his step-mother, Veena, more than his own mother.

They meet in Kerala, where her company has the convention, exchange phone numbers and then meet and date in Mumbai after coming back. He proposes to her, and after the usual ifs and buts, they live happily ever after.

The characters were likable and the story is fast paced. Nikhil, though the bad boy, is a very patient and caring person. Shweta is an independent girl who does not like to be possessed. The author has described the locations and Shweta’s clothes in great detail.

Books where the feelings of both the characters are described are my favourite. I loved this book very much.

Highly recommended, if you want to curl up on a cold, winter evening and feel good.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Harlequin India


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