My way is the Highway by Urvashi Gulia

My way is the Highway by Urvashi Gulia

My way is the Highway by Urvashi Gulia is a book about Mansha Sharan, who likes to be known as Manki.

At the beginning, Manki walks out of her office in Delhi and runs away with her jeep, Iqbal and reaches Chandigarh from where she wants to go to the hills. She goes to Mandi and beyond, alone. She meets her Prince Charming and the love story begins.

She has names for everything, her cell phone and also her car. Her relationship with her father is very cute.

There is too much use of alcohol and cigarettes in the book which makes it less relatable to people of our generation. Maybe, the new generation can relate to it better. The author has used two different fonts, one for the story and the other for Manki’s thoughts, which makes the book less confusing.

Initially, I failed to make contact with the book. It was not going anywhere. I felt, now what, and kept it down twice. Read two books in the interim. Then picked it up with a promise to myself, I have to finish it and I did.

Overall, better than many writers I have read, but I feel, she has the potential for much more.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Penguin Metroreads


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