Staking his claim by Tessa Radley

Staking his claim by Tessa Radley

He is the Big Bossy Brother and she is the Icicle.
He is a Billionaire and she is a family lawyer.
But both of them love their younger siblings unconditionally.

Ella McLeod agrees to become a surrogate mother for her sister Keira and Dmitri’s baby. But just before the baby arrives, Keira and her husband Dimitri decide that they want to go to Africa and don’t want that chils and Ella can decide what she wants to do with the baby. Ella goes into early labour, delivers a beautiful baby girl and Dimitri’s brother, Yevgeny Volkovoy arrives at the hospital and starts bossing over.

She is unable to care for the baby and decided to give her up for adoption. She wants the baby to have a proper home, complete with loving parents and an elder loving sibling. She starts interviewing prospective parents with the help of a social worker, in order to find the right home for Holly. But Yevgeny says he will adopt the child. Ella finds him inappropriate because he is single and a workaholic, but he is ready to get married for the baby’s sake.

They take care of the baby until Ella finds an appropriate family for Ella and fall in love with the baby, though Ella was trying to keep her emotions out of it to make the separation easier. He even buys a home for the baby to grow up in and finalizes the deal with Ella’s consent.

Overall, a good book. I liked the maturity of both Ella and Yevgeny and found the younger ones irresponsible. And I loved the suspense.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Harlequin India


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