In course of true love by Sanjeev Ranjan

In course of true love by Sanjeev Ranjan

In course of True Love….I am left with nothing is the debut work of Sanjeev Ranjan, a 21 year old engineering student. It is a typical Indian love story of love shy, introvert Aarush Ranjan and bold, smart, beautiful and open-minded Aachankya Kapoor.

How did I buy the book? Sanjeev followed me on Twitter and when I went onto his page, I realized that he is into writing his second book. I am currently reading and reviewing debut books of Indian authors and so, I went ahead and ordered his debut book. I finished it in one day flat.

He mentions in the acknowledgement that most of the incidents are based on his life. The book starts with Aarush going back home to Siwan from Bokaro after the AIEEE exams in April 2008. Also going back are his friends, Maanav, Saksham and Firoz, who don’t talk to him anymore though they were his best friends once. The entire story is in flashback (as they say it in the movies) on the way back to Siwan.

Aarush, lives with his parents in Siwan and scores 90.8% in Class X exams and his parents unhappy with the result. For better education, he goes to Bokaro with his friends. He gets admission in a college and a coaching class and stays in a PG accommodation with his friends. Aachankya is from Bokaro and goes to the same Maths tuition as Aarush and is bold enough to ask him his name on the first day and tell him to meet her after the class. The entire book is filled with the telephonic conversations between them or a few letters.

It is a very simple and decent love story with simple unsophisticated English, which can be read and understood by everyone. The story in first person along with the timeline, makes it more relatable. The relationship between the two has been beautifully portrayed. The cover is very simple and nice.

What needs to be looked into by the editorial team is the spellings and grammar. Eagerly, awaiting his next book, “It’s no longer a Dream”, with the hope that the flaws in this book would not be repeated.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Srishti Publishers


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