Complete/ Convenient by Ketan Bhagat

Complete/ Convenient by Ketan Bhagat

My brother writes, I can write too. Siblings!!! Those were my thoughts when I saw the book conveniently placed on my bookshelf by my husband who knows may latest hobby (which changes every year) to be reading Indian authors and reviewing them on my little read blog in an attempt to showcase them. I picked up the book thrice and placed it back because I thought that it was too thick and that I would read it in sometime. But then I finally made myself pick it up and finished it in record time.
Complete/Convenient by Ketan Bhagat is the story of the lives of Kabir and Myra.
Kabir Kapoor, lives in Mumbai and is working with Satyamev Computer Services Ltd. He is six feet tall, fair and health conscious. Charming, humorous, street smart and interesting, he loves cars, gymming, technology, sports, girls, alcohol and partying. Somewhat like Ranbir Kapoor. Kabir’s mother is sensitive, spiritual, social and sweet toothed. His father is a man of few words and fewer passions. He has a younger sister, Kiran.
Ramesh, his best friend and flat mate, is completely opposite. He is five feet six inches short, dark and stout. An equity analyst at ICICI Bank, he is a finance geek that his mind makes a profit and loss statement of everything he sees, touches, feels or tastes. Somewhat a Madhavan.
Myra, Kabir’s girlfriend, is tall, fair, slim, beautiful, works in a school and comes from an educated and traditional family in Pitampura, Delhi. Her father is a college professor and her mother, a housewife. Theirs is a joint family and Myra is the darling of the family. She has a younger sister.
He grabs a deal for his company and is transferred to Australia. He is thrilled, gets married to Myra and moves to Sydney. He finds it drastically different from India, the people, the attitude and the work culture. Then married life, professional life and the life in new country catch up with him and he has to balance them. He misses India and his family and Ramesh.
He has detailed a lot of things like the maid telling Ramesh about Kabir in Mumbai, the life of Indians abroad, the typical Punjabi mother, the flamboyant Punjabi weddings, the Punjabi community and its common practices. Read it if you want and insight into the Punjabis, life abroad and the rat race.
The story, in third person, and the writing are simple, thus, making it readable. The characters were very relatable, and but somehow, I could not read more than twelve pages in one sitting maybe because the story failed to gather momentum initially or maybe, the details were too much. While I was reading the book, I felt that the author has put his experiences on paper.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Srishti

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