The Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi

The Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi

The Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi is the second book in the Shiva Trilogy and I started reading it as soon as I finished with the first one. As soon as I started reading the book, I wanted to know if Sati was safe in the hands of the Naga.

Shiva wants to take revenge against the Nagas, who, he thinks, have killed Brihaspati, and reaches Kashi in order to reach them. They travel to the Branga Kingdom, whose king is Chandraketu, to gather more information about the Nagas because, they find a Branga coin left behind by the Nagas. The entourage comprises of General Parvateshwar, Nandi and Veerbhadra, Ayurvati, and Bhagirath and Anandamayi, the prince and princess of Ayodhya.

Shiva travels to Branga and Sati stays back at Kashi to help the King, where she is assisted by the Naga soldiers in killing the Lions. The Nagas are humans with physical deformities who have been abandoned because the Suryavanshi law states so. They have their own kingdom, own set of laws. After various battles, they reach Panchavati, the capital of the Naga territory, which is a secret and discover that the Naga Queen is Sati’s twin sister Kali who was abandoned by their father because she was disfigured and had been taken away by the Nagas, same was the case with Ganesh, Sati’s son.

In Branga, Shiva meets Parshuram, who is a bandit and knows the secret recipe of a medicine. He comes back to Kashi and meets Kali and Ganesh, the Naga who he thinks is the killer of Brihaspati.

The language and the flow is good and so is the suspense. The book is fast paced and the way one chapter ends, one feels that let me move to the next chapter to see whether it takes off from where the first one ended.

If you have liked the Immortals of Meluha, the Secret of the Nagas is a must read to kill the suspense created there. The trilogy would not be complete without reading ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Westland


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