Snowbound with the soldier by Jennifer Faye

Snowbound with the soldier by Jennifer Faye

One day, I received a tweet stating that Jennifer Faye follows me; I also started following her and that’s when I came to know that her new book, Snowbound with the Soldier, was being released the very same day. So I tweeted to her that I would read the book once it is released in India, and bought this book immediately. This the first book of Jennifer Faye that I have read and I really loved it.

It is the story of Kara and Jason, best friends since childhood, who dated for four years, got engaged to be married, he breaks the engagement, joins the army, she stays back in Pleasant Valley, takes up a job in a resort and suddenly, meet after seven years.

Kara Jameson, 28, works at Pennsylvania’s premier ski destination, Pleasant Valley’s Greene Summit Resort. She lives with her six year old daughter, Samantha. She knows that the resort has been sold and is worried about her job. What she does not know is that GSR Inc which has bought the resort is co-owned by Jason Greene. Jason left home after a fight with his father to join the army and now has been medically discharged and invested all his savings into the resort.

On the way back home from the resort, on that very day, Kara encounters a snowstorm, her car falls into the ditch, Jason rescues her and takes her to his home till the storm subsides. He asks her to work for him at the resort as his assistant. He and Samantha become good friends. She tries for him to reconcile with his Dad.

Overall, an excellent story, very apt for the theme of Christmas.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Harlequin India

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