his Captive Indian Princess by Tanu Jain

his Captive Indian Princess by Tanu Jain

A five year old illegitimate daughter of a Maharaj, whom he brings to his palace, to live with the family, amidst gossip, after her mother’s death and being portrayed as dishonest and conniving by your grandmother and half-sister- that’s the protagonist, Gauri Rao, for you.

Gauri, 22, is the daughter of Maharaj Sambhaji Rao of Mogragarh. She runs away at sixteen from the palace after being accused of bringing a bad name to the family, leaving a letter for her half-brother, Madhav, six years older than her, whom she loves and trusts. Mrs Meenakshi Singh finds her, takes care of her, her education and she becomes a lawyer and changes her name.

Vikram Pratap Singh, the prince of Bijagarh and Madhav’s best friend, also has had a disturbed and traumatic childhood. Madhav is the only person he can relate to. They have jontly set up a chain of luxury hotels. He has taken over the responsibility of Mogragarh after Madhav’s death, two years ago, and Maharaj’s stroke, leading to coma, one year ago.

He does not trust Gauri, but takes the responsibility of finding Gauri because he thinks she is responsible. Once he finds her, he brings her back to Mogragarh, takes her to meet the Maharaj, with the hope that she may be the stimulus that brings the Maharaj out of coma.

Being a romantic at heart, I liked the story but felt that the author has been very bold at many places in the book. She could have been a little less explicit.

Editing is poor as chapter 5 is 110 pages long and could have been made into several shorter chapters.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Harlequin India


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