A date with a bollywood star by Riya Lakhani

A date with a bollywood star by Riya Lakhani

I would like to rephrase the famous quote by author George Elliot in 1860 ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ to ‘Never buy a book attracted by its cover’. I did the same when I bought A date with a Bollywood Star by Riya Lakhani (a pen name for a husband wife couple), the romance of a 25 year old journalist and a 38 year old Bollywood star.

Rani de Silver works as a journalist for London Post, is a big fan of Omar Khan and has been asked by her boss to interview him. Her parents are doctors and Sunita and Shilpa are her best friends. She loves her parents, prays for world peace everyday and wants to work with small children and animals. She dropped out of medical school to become a journalist, is a Leo, and yellow is her favourite colour. She lives alone in a flat in London and her mother calls her every Sunday to check on her. She loves tea, and her motto is, “If in doubt, make tea.”

Omar Khan is a typical Bollywood star. He lives a little away from London, likes to cook and the kitchen is his favourite room in the house.

Upon being asked to interview Omar Khan, Rani watches Omar’s movie, Sacred Heart, late into the night and reaches late for the interview, manages to get one in the car to the studio, writes it up and the wrong version gets published the next day and Rani is offered by Omar to ghost write his autobiography as a spoiler to the book being published by his father. She agrees to do so and there are several revelations about the Omar’s personal life as the autobiography is being written.

A very common storyline and I did not like the way it was written. The age difference is very Mills and Boon. The confused heroine, the protective parents and to top it all, a famous Bollywood star not being recognized in a locality where people watch Bollywood movies is all very Bollywood.

Overall, an OK, OK book. But I still managed to read it, thinking that somewhere there may be something of substance in the book, but I am afraid, I did not find it. I feel Indian writers have more potential than this.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Harlequin India


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