Nick of Time by Komal Mehta

Nick of Time by Komal Mehta

Nick of time by Komal Mehta is the story of two friends Alehya and Shagun, best friends since childhood. They used to spend all their childhood vacations together in Chandigarh at Shagun’s Grandparents house and Alehya is like a member of Shagun’s family.

Alehya, now lives in Mumbai and works there. She has resigned from her job, is attending the farewell party organized by her colleagues when Shagun calls her up and tells her that she is getting married. In her excitement, she does not hear the name of the groom and reaches Chandigarh after ten years only to find no one at the airport ot receive her. She meets Vicky, her childhood enemy at the airport, waiting to receive her and later gets a shock to know that he is the groom.

She hates Vicky and everytime they meet, sparks fly. Shagun requests both of them to call a truce till her wedding and they try to do so for her sake. She tries to get them to do errands together so that they become friends. There is a lot of confusion and complication.

My take:
I did not like the cover much because I had to cover up the book to read in the Metro. Secondly, there is an excessive use of Hindi dialogues which was not required. The change of who “I” is, is pretty confusing. Somewhere, it is Alehya, somewhere, Vicky and somewhere, Shagun. Though, this could be because the author wanted us to look at everybody’s viewpoint. She could have written the book from one person’s viewpoint and the others could have been in the third person.


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