Are You the one? by Jennifer Bernard

Are You the one? by Jennifer Bernard

When I read that goodreads is going to choose five lucky winners to gift a signed copy of ‘Are You the One?’ by Jennifer Bernard, I immediately applied, but could not wait for the draw, so I ordered it and as promised to Jennifer, I am posting the review within a day of reading the book.

Identical twin sisters, Annabelle ‘Bella’ and Mirabelle ‘Mira’, both doctors, live in Chennai with their parents. Bella is older than Mira by a few seconds and is more outgoing. Bella plays the guitar and Mira, the piano.

Stephen Collingworth lives in London and after a recent trip to Chennai, his father tells him that he has arranged his marriage to a girl in Chennai, the daughter of his best friend, as a repayment of a debt of gratitude and would disown Stephen if he does not marry the girl. He comes to Chennai to meet Bella and ,

Annabelle does not want to marry and tells her sister Mira to fill in for her whenever Stephen comes home and tells her childhood friend, Michael to act as her fiancé. The Bella Stephen meets at home and the Bella he meets outside are completely opposite and Stephen is confused as to who the real Bella is. Even when he comes to know that they actually not one but two girls, he gets confused further.

It’s beautifully written, easy to read and keeps you glued. I loved it. An excellent job done, Jennifer!

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Pagerturner

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