Blinkers off by Andaleeb Wajid

Blinkers off by Andaleeb Wajid

Blinkers Off by Andaleeb Wajeed was a suggestion on my blog by The Visitor on my review of “My Brother’s Wedding” (review at, who said that this book was more interesting. When I ordered my copy about a month ago, little did I know that I would receive would be an autographed copy.

This story is set in Bangalore and is a young adult love triangle. Noor, the protagonist, belongs to a traditional family and has a super smart 12 year old brother, Roshan.

Noor, 20, is a third year graduation student who wants to become a screenplay writer, and joins film-making classes, as an optional subject, on weekends. Mr Paul, the teacher, divides the class into groups of two to make a documentary film, which a part of the course. Supriya, the College Diva, her classmate from school, is pretty and smart, paints her nails in the class, and calls her Norr is teamed up with her and is not interested. She chooses an Indian wedding as the subject.

Mr Paul asks each group to come up with ideas, from which he would select the best two and the class would work as two groups on the selected ideas. Noor’s idea is selected and she has in her group, people who think it is her fault that she has been short listed. They are very unreceptive of her ideas and finally, Nandita and Noor hit off well together. Nandita is very understanding and practical and helps Noor in overcoming her inhibitions.

Dennis, Daanish Aslam, 28, Mr Paul’s assistant, is very good looking. He teaches in New York Film Academy and lives in New York. He comes up with the idea of filming his friend’s sister’s wedding. Supriya claims that he is her boyfriend and ends up belittling Noor. Noor is infatuated and the love triangle sets in.

Ashmita is Noor’s best friend, very outgoing and complements Noor very well. She is one person Noor can confide in and who can read Noor like a book. Heeba, 19, the bride, whose wedding is the subject of the documentary, has her own secrets and ever helpful Noor gets involved in them as well.

The story is engrossing and written very well. The flow is smooth and the short chapters make it a fast read. The language is simple and the characters have been beautifully described, picturising them was not difficult: Noor in her Salwar Kameez and Supriya in her tight fitting clothes. Beautiful Nandita and her curls and Sweet Suvarna. The timeline used in the story starting with July, 2010 to 10th August 2010 adds pace to the book.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Rupa

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