The Reluctant Matchmaker by Shobhan Bantwal

The Reluctant Matchmaker by Shobhan Bantwal

Shobhan Bantwal’s novel, The Reluctant Matchmaker, just popped on my screen, while I was browsing through the website, as one of the books recommended by Flipkart.

The Shenoys, Kaveri, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, and Ramdas, an engineer, are a Konkani Brahmin family living in New Jersy, USA. They have a 33 year old son, Maneel, a successful stockbroker, a 31 year old daughter, Meena and a 28 year old son, Mahesh, a resident in a nearby hospital.

Kaveri’s sisters are doctors and like her, they also live in the US. The three sisters have a 78 year old aunt, who is fun loving and young at heart and their children dote on Akka. They confide in her and she is their best friend.

Meena works in a software firm, Rathnaya, in the Marketing and PR department along with Paul Zelnak, her boss and Pinky Malhotra, She is petite, five foot tall and pretty. Kaveri and her sisters are after Meena to get married as her biological clock is ticking. There are many men in the office who want to date her but Meena avoids them.

Prajay Nayak, 39, is the CEO of Rathnaya and Nishant Rathod is his partner. Prajak manages the business in Washington and Nishant in New Jersey. Most of the employees in Rathnaya are of Indian origin. Prajay is 6 feet five inches tall, very professional and ambitious and lives in Virginia.

On the day of Prajay’s visit to the New Jersey office, he collides with Meena, she falls down and sprains her ankle. They become friends while he is ferrying her to and from work and he asks her to use her PR skills to draft a matrimonial ad for him and also to shortlist the responses, for which he is ready to pay her.

The book is very well written, the flow is so smooth that all the 336 pages flow like a breeze. I loved every moment of it, never felt it dragged. It is very aptly mentioned by San Francisco Book Review on the front cover, “The plot is light and fun, with just enough romance to give you warm, fuzzy feelings inside”.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Fingerprint


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