House of Cards by Sudha Murty

House of Cards by Sudha Murty

A book by Sudha Murthy, a story set in North Karnataka somewhere near Hubli is how the book, House of Cards, starts.

Mridula is the daughter of Bheemanna and Rukuma Bai. They live in Aladahalli in North Karnataka. She is a kind hearted and simple girl and has enormous enthusiasm for life and unlimited energy for reading, cooking and sketching and wants to spend every moment of the day fruitfully. Even though she scores a rank in the tenth class, she wants to be a teacher and joins the local government school. When asked whose favourite, she says, “I am Amma’s girl and Appa’s world”. She has an older brother, Krishna.

Sanjay, a doctor, is the son of Ratnamma, a money lender in T Narasipura, works in KEM Hospital Bombay under Dr Chandra. He is a very sincere doctor like his father who was a medical practitioner. He wants to be a gynaecologist. He has a sister Lakshmi who’s married to Shankar, a bank clerk. For Ratnamma, money has more value than thing and for Lakshmi and Shankar, spending is more important than saving.

Sanjay meets Mridula at a marriage in Hubli, then again in Bombay and proposes marriage to her. They get married and move to Bangalore: he joins as a resident in a college to do his post-graduation and Mridula gets transferred to a government school in Bangalore. After getting frustrated in a Government job, Sanjay moves into private practice.

Though, Sanjay and Mridula move up in their socioeconomic status in the twenty five years of married life, they drift away from each other.

A very well written book. At times I felt that every woman becomes a Mridula sometime in her lifetime.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Penguin


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