Half Single Half married by Sharada Kolloru

Half Single Half married by Sharada Kolloru

Half Single Half Married by Sharada Kolluru: a book with a name which wants you to pick it up and read it. Though the cover is very thoughtfully done up, but with no debit to the author, somehow the paper of the book did not impress me.

Now the characters:
Raghunath (Raghu) Shastri, 29, a reasonably good looking man from Sainikpuri Colony, Hyderabad, works as an Accounts Director in an advertising agengy, Tapasya, in Delhi. The only child of his parents, his father is an income tax consultant and his mother, a Carnatic classical singer, who live in Hyderabad. They want him to get married and are very liberal in their views.

Akhil Khanna, 30, works in the same company as a Media Director, is married to Maya, who has her own boutique, Maya’s at Vasant Kunj. He has a passion for BMW ever since he was a little boy. Maya’s sister, Nandini, is a dentist in Mumbai and Maya wants to get her married to Raghu.

Dinesh Patel, 35, is the CMD of the company, a Gujarati who can speak Punjabi better than the natives, is married to Kalpana and they have two kids, Ritika,7 and Vipul, 5. He is a fan of Saif Ali khan, Kal Ho Na Ho, Makki ki roti and Sarson ka saag.

Harini Rao, 28, is the only daughter of a gynaecologist mother and a paediatrician father. She is commerce and accounts lecturer is a college in Hyderabad.

Common friends find them compatible and get them married to each other and Harini shifts to Delhi. She finds a job at the local college. Their relationship is very platonic and friendly as they had decided to keep it so before they got married.

What I liked about the book:
• She has described both Delhi and Hyderabad beautifully.
• The accented English of Raghu’s parents is very genuine.
• Raghu, who I felt was a very frivolous person that I contemplated keeping the book down, turns out to be very understanding.

What I did not like about the book: the adult scenes are too explicit and could have been censored.

Overall, I liked the book and hope you do so too.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Good Times Books Pvt Ltd

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