My brother’s wedding by Andaleeb Wajid

My brother's wedding by Andaleeb Wajid

There are some books we buy because we like the author, some because we have heard about and there are some we buy because we like the name, it is catchy, its different. I bought this book because of the name, My Brothers Wedding and the cover, a girl sitting with a laptop and the cursive font in which the title is written. I had never heard of Andaleeb Wajid or even known that she has a blog. Once I started reading, I could not keep the book down, even while I was teaching my kids till I read the last page.

Saba, 19, is the youngest of three siblings is a college student. Her elder sister Rabia is married to Rafiq and feels she has an authority around the house. Her brother, Zohaib tells his parents that he wants to get married and that they should look for a suitable girl for him. Saba’s best friend and confidant is Riya. There is Shahid, her father’s cousins son, who shares her thoughts about her sister and is her brother’s best friend.

While her parents and sister are bride hunting and Saba is attending college, she starts her blog, My Brothers wedding. In this she portrays her characters as English alphabets Q, T, Y, X and B and starts to unburden her thoughts and feelings.

The author has really written the story very well, moving from the blog to real life. Like describing some thing in her household in Saba’s blog, in the next chapter, she smoothly describes the next part in real life. The chapters are well written and the flow is smooth.

A light read overall, not very bold. Can be read definitely.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Rupa Publications


2 thoughts on “My brother’s wedding by Andaleeb Wajid

  1. Yaay! Glad that you share my opinion of Andaleeb’s story-telling skills. Actually I liked Blinkers off, her previous novel, better. You should read it.

    Caveat: The genre and pattern are identical.
    What I enjoyed was Andy’s way of telling a story. She’s an amazing storyteller.

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