Amreekan Desi by Atulya Mahajan

Amreekan Desi by Atulya Mahajan

Amreekan Desi by Atulya Mahajan is the story of Akhil Arora and Jaspreet Singh who go to the Florida State University to do his Masters in Science Degree at America.

Akhil Arora is an engineer, living in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi and gets a scholarship. His parents are upset and so is Goyal Saab, their neighbor who can’t stop eating Samosa in the Arora house and talking about his son, Priyank. His mother agrees to send him only if his father would go there and settle him. He wants to study hard and get a job. He is very attached to his parents and sister, Aarti.

Jaspreet Singh, Jassi or Jazz is from Ludhiana Punjab, wants to go to America because he feels that America has everything that India does not have After his selection, he even starts talking in American slangs and accent.

The FSU Indian Student Association at Tallahassee informs that them they would have to share an apartment when they are in Florida. Both of them fly to the US on different flights on the 10th of July 2004. In the States, rent an apartment with a third student from India to split up the costs. They shop for grocery, cook, have parties, celebrate festivals with fellow Indian students. They take up jobs to earn money while studying. Like every Indian who goes out of India, they convert everything into rupees.

Akhil is homesick, very sincere, who wants to achieve something and comeback to India whereas Jassi wants to have fun and enjoy himself. Akhil meets Nandita on the flight from India and they gradually fall in love. Jassi wants to date women in the US.

There are a lot of places in the book where you realize that Akhil could be the author potraying himself. There are editorial mistakes, places where the character has been wrongly named and some places I felt that it dragged too much.

A light book, makes an excellent timepass.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Random HouseIndia

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