Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan

Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan

‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’ is the latest book by Anuja Chauhan. She was speaking about it on the Radio One and I was checking out her profile on my phone. I thought I’ll order her books, but then there were already six books that were lined up for me to read, I thought, I’ll read it once I finish with them. Then came the Flipkart 50% sale, I bought it and now, those six books wait while I read it, just like the trains, “last in, first out”. I must thank my friend Shweta for it.

The story is about five alphabetically named Thakur girls, who live on 16, Hailey Road, New Delhi in 1986. Their father, (BJ, as his daughters call him or LN, as his wife addresses him) is a retired judge, who eats maggi and plays kot-piece with his retired friends every evening. Their mother, Mamtaji, is the lady around the house, with her embroidery and cooking. The Judge has two very close friends, Sahas Singh Shekhawat and Balkishen Bau with whom he plays kot-piece. Their neighbours are their chachaji, chachiji and their son, Gulab (Gulgul bhaisaab) who wants to open a gym.

A-Anjini is married to A-Anant and lives in A-Allahabad. They have a son, Samar, from Anant’s first marriage, but once she is introduced in the novel, she is forever at the Thakurs.

B-Binodini is married to Vickyji and stays in B-Bhopal with her 7 year old twins, Bonu and Monu and has an eye on her hissa in the Thakur house.

C-Chandralekha is never talked about because she eloped with and Estonian on the day before her marriage.

D-Debjani alias Dabbu, because she favours the losers like Randhir Kapoor (Dabbu), the mongrels on the street, is the judge’s favourite and heroine of the story. She is 23 and has just got a job as a news reader on Deshdarpan.

E- Eshwari or Eshu, is seventeen, studies in Modern School, Barakhamba Road and plays basketball. She seems to be the closest to Dabbu and the two girls even share secrets.

Sahas Singh Shekhawat is married to Juliet Lobo and they have three sons. The oldest one is Dylan, who is a journalist with India Post and stays in Bombay. He is working on the cause of the Sikh massacre of 1984.

The reference to Campa cola and Gold spot, Mohan Singh Place, Bengali Market, Love 86 was very nostalgic. The book was very funny and once it so happened that I was reading it in the Delhi Metro and I suddenly burst out laughing much to the shock of the fellow passengers.

The book is very well written and interesting. I enjoyed reading. Everytime, I would start a chapter, I would tell myself, I’ll read it after this but then the end of the chapter would drag me on and I must confess that I have even read the book till 2am even when I had to get up early next morning.

I really loved the book.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Harper Collins


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