The Red Carpet by Lavanya Sankaran

The Red Carpet by Lavanya Sankaran

I have just finished reading The Red Carpet, a collection of eight short stories by Lavanya Sankaran. All of them are set in Bangalore.

In the first story, Bombay this, Ramu, the hero, has a set of friends, thinks of getting married and settling down. Closed Curtains is about helpful Mr D’Costa, who keeps an eye on his neighbor, Mrs Kapur and helps her in the time of need. Two four six eight is about a young girl, whose maid makes her feel guilty in front of her mother for things that she had not done till she stands up to it one day. The Red Carpet is about the different lives of a young man, Raju, who works as a driver and the rich Mrs Choudhary, his may-dum. Alphabet Soup is about Priyamvada, a girl brought up in America, by her Indian parents, who decides to come to India and find more about India because she wants to be a brown in a brown country. Mysore Coffee is about a young hard working accountant, Sita, who lives with her mother and makes an American friend, Christie, in the course of her work, with whom she shares her life’s secrets. Birdie Num-Num is about 27 year old Tara, who comes back from US to finish her PhD thesis and her mother, wants her to get married. Apple Pie, One by Two is about two friends, Swamy and Murthy, who go to America and come back start their own company.

Overall a good book but every story ends abruptly leaving the reader waiting for more.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Tinder Press


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