The Collector’s Wife by Mitra Phukan

The Collector's Wife by Mitra Phukan

The Collector’s Wife by Mitra Phukan is a story set in the backdrop of Parbatpuri in Assam. The story revolves around Rukmini Bezboruah, the wife of the District Collector, Siddhartha Bezboruah who lives in a bungalow on a hill and overlooks the cremation ground of Parbatpuri. They seem to have a very understanding relationship.

She is a lecturer in English at one of the local colleges and has her own circle of colleagues and Priyam Deka is one of her friends. She is busy with her routine life and is a very balanced person. She is unhappy that she does not have children. She meets Manoj Mahanta who works in a tyre company and they become friends.

Her parents-in laws live in Guwahati, in the same house in where her husband had been born. His father is a retired college professor and his mother, a school teacher. They dote on her and she likes them very much.

Her husband is busy with the incidents in the district which include abductions, shoot outs and killings. There are certain incidents in the book which really made my spine shudder.

Overall, a very captivating book , but the end could have been better.

Book Source: Borrowed
Publisher: Zubaan/ Penguin


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