Mahashweta by Sudha Murthy

Mahashweta by Sudha MurthySudha Murthy’s Mahashweta revolves around Anupama, the daughter of a village school master, Shamanna. She has a step mother Sabakka and two stepsisters, Nanda and Vasudha. She is very beautiful, intelligent and talented. Her parents want her to get married but she wants to complete her studies.

Dr. Anand, an assistant surgeon with Dr. Desai, falls in love with Anupama when he sees her acting in a stage play, Mahashweta. He lives with his mother Radhakka and spoilt sister, Girija. Though he belongs to a very rich family, he convinces his mother, who reluctantly agrees, and gets married to Anupama. He then leaves for higher studies abroad leaving Anupama behind with his mother and sister.

Anupama develops leucoderma and is sent back to her father’s house, where she is not welcome. She decides to go to Mumbai to her friend, Sumitra’s house and gets a job. When she meets with an accident in Bombay, Dr. Vasant treats her. He falls in love with her and proposes marriage.

Anand comes back to India, realises his mistakes, apologises to her and requests her to come back to him. She rejects both of them says that she would rather live alone.

I, initially, felt sorry for Anupama but as the story progresses I was very happy for her. Overall, a very positive and encouraging story. An eye-opener for those who believe that leucoderma is a stigma.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Penguin


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