The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic by Anna MM Veticad

The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic by Anna MM Veticad Anna MM Vetticad, I salute you. Hats off to you for watching all 121 Hindi films that were released in 2011 in the NCR (National Capital Region), reviewing them and interviewing the people who made them. This is what The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic about. It talks about film making, film marketing and film criticism.

It is about the movies which successful and movies that never made it to mainstream cinema possibly, due to inadequate marketing. She talks about small, beautiful films that are released and go off the theaters within a week of the release and no one has ever heard of them. She mentions about a rich businessman financing a film for himself because he wants to be a hero, about a father who is well connected and wants his son to be a film star. She talks about talented people who never make it to the limelight and beautiful stories that touch the heart.

She has appreciated films starring children and also tells us how Amole Gupte made “Stanley ka dabba” with kids who had fun, did not miss school or knowing that they were being filmed. Interviews with persons like Vidya Balan, Rohit Shetty, Priyanka Chopra, Onir (Anirban Dhar), Nitesh Tiwari and Sohail Lakhani (a talented actor who trained Ranbir Kapoor for his role as a deaf-mute person in Barfi) are also a part of the book.

I liked the book a lot, though I am not a movie buff, but it still made me want to watch movies like ‘I am’, Kaccha Limboo and Bubble Gum.

Book Source: Bought
Publisher: Om Books International

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