Mrs Ali’s Road to Happiness by Farahad Zama

Mrs Ali’s Road to Happiness is the fourth book in the Series by Farahad Zama. I chanced upon this book while browsing through more books by the author.

Mr Ali is still upset with his son not doing a proper job and Mrs Ali is the protective mother. This book also reflects on the stronger side of the timid Mrs Ali, the way she holds a firm stand against the electric meter reader; supports her husband against her brother and protects Pari from the fundamentalists is commendable. Mr Ali’s plans to save Vasu and Pari and to help Mr Reddy, his client show his sensibility and maturity.

Pari’s views about bringing up her adopted son, Vasu, are modern and very positive. Her firm belief that the child should follow his birth parents religion makes the new Imam boycott the family. With the support of the Alis and her friends, she stays firm and strong even during the religious tension.

Many parts of this book are very realistic like the electric meter reader trying to make a fast buck, Faiz trying to show off in front of her inlaws, a typical Indian marriage, a traditional joint family, a project to widen the road, neighbours interfering in people’s lives, fundamentalists trying to force their religion on Vasu and elections.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Abacus

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