The Many Conditions of love by Farahad Zama

The Many Conditions of love by Farahad Zama

This book is the second in the series by Farahad Zama. The main characters in this book are from the previous book, “The Marriage Bureau for Rich People”, though new characters are introduced from time to time. They revolve around the characters introduced in the first book of the series.

Mr Ali is very busy with the Bureau, Mrs. Ali is supporting him. He is very excited when the computer is installed. Rehman, Mr Ali’s son, is given more attention in this book. He falls in love with Usha, a journalist.Rehman’s cousin’s wife, Pari, is introduced in this book, as a widow trying to lead a normal life. Vasu, Rehman’ friends son also moves in with them.

Aruna is happily married to Dr Ramanujam and is still working at the marriage bureau. Mani, her sister-in-law, makes matters difficult for her when she moves into her parents’ house along with her son for her second delivery.

Overall, a good book, but bescomes more interesting if the first one in the series has been read.

Source: Bought

Publisher: Abacuas

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